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söndag 11 november 2012

Ingas album

This summer my biological father passed away.
He had a very good friend whom I didn't know 
about until after the funeral, so I gave this
mini to her so she could feel she participated 
a bit. She would have liked to be there! 

First a little dedication to her and to the right 
I made a pocket with the funeralprogram 
printed out in miniature for her.

Funeral was held at the World Heritage
Woodland Cementery and it was a beautiful
sunny day August 1st this year.

Somebody brought a picture of my father 
to put on the little stage thing and as he was
born in and a Norwegian citizen we chose 
flowers in the Norwegian coulours white,
red and blue. 

My husband took the pictures so that I could
take care of the guests, and here I am next
to my bonus-daughter (a nicer name for 
stepdaughter in Swedish) Catalina. It was
her first visit on a Swedish funeral.

This project was part of my mourning process 
and I would have kept it for myself but felt Inga
was worth it since she helped my father until the
very last day and was the last person to see him
alive (apart from hospital personel).

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  1. What a beautiful thing to give her, so thoughtful of you. Now following you hun xx

  2. Oj vilket fint album!
    Va kul att du vill vara med i min candy :)

  3. Vilket vackert album, verkligen en fin och omtänksam present.