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torsdag 3 juli 2014

Verkehrshaus in Luzern

I have never seen a bigger wheel than this one
standing outside the Museum of Transport in
Luzern, Switzerland. It's a TBM; Tunnel boring
machine. This particular one is one of four that
were used to make the longest tunnel in Europe
under the Swiss Alps; The St Gotthardt Railway 
Tunnel that is going to be ready in 2016. 

So I made this left side for my PL album with a
papperned paper from K-design that can easily
be divided into four, and then used tickets, PL
cards from Plus One Minikit (to get more color 
for the brown page), letters, enamel dots,
minialphas, washitape, to decorate.

This wheel is so big you can't even imagine.
So four of these 3000 ton heavy boring 
machines were used to drill / destroy the
soil or rock where the tunnels were made;
two were drilling from the north and two
from the south. 25 - 30 meters of rocks
daily with this machines that were used
instead of dynamite.

I made this page for the Creativica Blog,
and I also made a regular layout with the
same range of papers that I'll show later. 

Thanks for visiting and welcome back!

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