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lördag 13 september 2014

PROJECT LIFE week 23: Lucerne

This is week 23 part II: more pictures from beautiful 
 Lucerne, the boats, fresh water wells and the bridges. 

 I have used cards from value kit Hello Sunshine, 
some blank cards in white and other colors, a 
few stickers in matching colors from Simple Stories 
DIY and enamel dots. 

The bridge has a very interesting story that I 
looked up on the internet; it's the only one of it's
kind in Europe and a very old tree covered one, 
too. On top of that it was covered on the inside 
by paintings about everyday life in the city.
However the bridge burned in 1993 and many
of the paintings as well. Only a few were fully
restored so that we could see them. 

I'll try to make some more spreads done
with remaining pictures as soon as I can.

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