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torsdag 25 augusti 2011

I admire..

There's a cardmaker I really admire; her name is Jacque
and she lives in the States. I love her cards because they
have many little details to look on and happy colours, as
you can see on a sample here:

Second reason why I admire Jacques' cards is because the
insides of the cards always are well-elaborated and so
nicely decorated, too - in perfect combination with the
outside of the card. Look here; with ribbons and all:

Third; Jacque survived a very difficult
cancer treatment recently and even so she seemed to
spend all time not in the hospital either resting or at the
scraptable. Anyway now she's celebrating NO
daughtercancers in her body having this candy:

So; why don't you go and show some love by
participating with her leaving a little comment
behind and if you also like the cards she makes;
become a follower and get a chance on the BIA!

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