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söndag 20 oktober 2013

Industrial Baroque

Stockholm Scrap class also offered workshops
with Anna Dabrowska, also called Finnabair.  
I chose the class called Industrial Baroque and
look what I came up with after 4 hours:

We distressed, inked, glued and dried, sprayed 
and dried, painted, dried and finally stamped
some circles to finish the layout! And then we
let it dry before we could move...

Here are some details of the embellishments;
there are flowers, grunge stuff, buttons, 
things made of metal, trinkets ...  

... wooden veneers, numbers, lace...

... brads, flowers divided into more than 
one to make supplies last...

And finally everything sealed with spray
and a last touch of metallic paint!

It was a great class! If you ever have the 
opportunity to do a class or workshop with
Anna; just do it! It doesn't matter if you
don't intend to convert your style or not - 
but go, see, try it and learn new techniques!

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