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måndag 19 maj 2014

Project life 2014 Weeks 15 and 16

Hi; here's another spread I made for two weeks
when not too much happened. That is, not much
happened week 15 but week 16 I travelled to 
several cities (here in Sweden) that I need another
spread for that!! 

So; week 15 is when I went to the newly renovated
fabulous licorice store and bought both salt, sweet 
and soft licorice with chocolate cover. 

Week 16 started of with sunshine on Monday
and I went to get my nails done. Wednesday
we packed the car and off we went, here under
are3 pictures from tow stops we made on the 
way west heading for the city of Karlstad. I was
going to fetch some EXPEDIT shelves somebody
bought for me at IKEA there.

Cards from Becky Higgins Core kit: Honey 

*** *** *** 

La Vikinga


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