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torsdag 15 maj 2014

Project Life Week 13 and 14

Hi Project Lifers! These weeks were a bit sad,
not much happened and I felt bad so I made two
weeks on the same spread:

Most pictures had blue in them so I chose to
make the title card in a matching colour: pink!

Down on the left side I have used some blanc
cards made of plain cardstock, some fillercards
from Becky Higgins core kit and some pictures 
with just the white frame. Decorations and alphas 
are from DIY / Simple Stories. 

In the same core kit - I'm not sure which - also 
have yellowish / orange cards that I love for the
photos of the yellow buildings in Stockholm:

Hope to be able to finish further weeks soon!

Thanks for visiting and please write a comment
if you have ideas or so,

La Vikinga / Charlotta

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  1. Åh snyggt! Älskar färgglatt och lagom av allt. :) kram Lotta