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onsdag 18 december 2013

Decorate a vase

Hi; today Joanna Sheen is featured at
Crafty Ribbons December event:


Joanna has been involved in the craft world since 1979. She has written over 30 books on cookery, herbs, stencilling, crafts and flowers during the past 20 years and is now best known for her work on TV with her craft CDs, card making and pressed flower craft programmes. She lives in Devon with her husband Richard and youngest daughter Emily - never forgetting their bossy little cocker spaniel called Wellington - Welly for short!
Joanna started building her pressed flower company back in 1979 and soon had a thriving international concern, making sales around the world. She has sold pictures to many of the major stores in London, New York and Tokyo, Australia and other countries in Europe. This thrived until 2006 when Card making finally won and took over all the production and warehouse space at the company, but Joanna's first love will always be flowers in some form or another!
Teaching comes naturally to Joanna, she began her craft school here in the UK some 17 years ago and there is also the Joanna Sheen Flower School based in Osaka and with teachers spread around Japan. Joanna's craft courses are now very limited with other commitments taking so much of her time but, old and welcomed visitors return every year for Joanna's new and innovative teaching.
A selection of craft goodies to include a 
Joanna Sheen Cd and project book.

To be eligible; hop over to Pure
Inspiration Blog and put your name
on a very long list!

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Today I wanted to show you what I did with an
an empty vase / bowl I bought in a second
hand store just for this December event 
at Crafty Ribbons. I took it to a florist and
asked her opinion, and she suggested a
nice hyacinth with moss around the bulb.
Like this:

So I brought the ribbons along to be able  
to take a picture in the store but was not 
satisfied with the bow - I decided it could 
look better so I went home to make 
another try another day. 

Then I had to let my hyacinth stand
there waiting a couple of days and
look what happened; buttons are in
bloom and more are coming out:

I tried to make another bow with only
one ribbon, and I tried with a wider 
ribbon but I was never 100% happy
with my bow. So you have to imagine  
what it would look like if it would be perfect!
I'm sure you can do it nicer than me at
   home once you practice and get the swing!

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